Canada eTA for travellers with multiple citizenships

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Canada eTA with multiple citizenships

The information below provides some common questions and answers for travellers that hold passports from multiple countries and are planning a trip to Canada. Remember, an eTA is only needed if arriving to Canada with an airplane.

Do I need an eTA if I am a dual citizen of the U.S. and another country?

You will not need an eTA if you travel to Canada using a valid U.S. passport. Alternatively, U.S. citizens can also use their NEXUS program membership cards as proof of identification of their U.S. citizenship. This would be sufficient when traveling to Canada by air, land or sea from trips originating in the U.S. Also, U.S. citizens with membership to the FAST program can use their identification cards when arriving in Canada by land or sea. However, FAST cards cannot be used as proof of U.S. citizenship if entering Canada by air.

Do I need an eTA if I am a citizen of Canada?

Canadian citizens do not need to apply for an eTA. Canadian citizens should use a valid passport to board their flight to Canada. However, alternative forms of identification can be used as evidence of Canadian citizenship. These include the following: NEXUS card, FAST card, Canadian Emergency Travel Document, Canadian Temporary Passport, Canadian Citizenship Certificate, Enhanced Driver’s License issued by a Canadian province or territory or an Enhanced Identification/Photo Card issued by a Canadian province or territory.

As another option, travellers without a Canadian passport can apply for a special authorization if they are time constrained. Canadian citizens without a passport can apply for a special authorization. If the special authorization is approved, this will allow a Canadian citizen to board their flight using a non-Canadian passport.

Can I use my non-Canadian passport to fly to Canada if I am a Canadian citizen?

Canadian citizens must use their Canadian passports to be allowed to board a plane to Canada. There are exceptions whereby travellers would be excluded from being required to carry their Canadian passport.

Time exceptions – if a traveller is due to fly to Canada within days, or is already at the airport, then he / she can apply for a special authorization. If this request is approved, it would allow the traveller to board their flight using their non-Canadian passport.

Dual American and Canadian Citizens – If the traveller is using a U.S. passport to fly to Canada, then he / she does not need to be in possession of a Canadian passport.

For future visit, travellers should apply for their Canadian passport and use it for visits to Canada.

Do I need an eTA if I hold a U.S. Green Card?

Travellers with a valid U.S. Green Card will need an eTA to fly to Canada. If travellers are not in possession of an eTA, they will not be allowed to board their plane to Canada. The eTA requirement is for transit, tourism or business visits to Canada. If a traveller enters Canada by road, sea or rail, then an eTA would not be required. However, a Green Card is still required for such visits.

U.S. Green Card that are entering Canada with an eTA will need to bring the passport they used on the application as well as their valid Green Card. The U.S. Green Card which should contain a valid ADIT stamp within their passport. Once at the airport, airline staff will confirm the passport and Green Card validity as well as check the details on the eTA application.