Checking the Status of an eTA

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Check Canada eTA Status Online

You can check the status of your Canada eTA application after submitting your application. The majority of eTA applications are processed and approved within minutes. However, applications can be delayed for several days in the event additional information is needed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to process an application. In these circumstances, applicants will be notified via email that they will need to submit additional information to have their applications processed.

What if I don’t receive any emails from IRCC?

There have been reports of IRCC emails getting blocked by email providers. Applicants are advised to check the spam folder of the email account they used for their eTA application.

What will be in the email from IRCC?

The emails be sent from an official email account of IRCC and will contain requests for additional information or documents, or contain a request to attend an interview at a nearby Canadian consulate or visa processing office.

How do I check the status of my eTA

Applicants can check the status of their eTA by visiting the ‘Check your Status’ page and having the following information available to complete the status check request:

Application number – The eTA application number always starts with the letter V and is found on the email confirmation sent by IRCC after submission. If you do not receive this notification from IRCC, then check your spam folder, or reapply using the correct email address.

Passport number – You will need the passport number you used to submit your application. If you are having trouble accessing your application, you may have entered an information passport number on the form.

Country / territory of issue – You will need to provide the country of citizenship that issued your passport. This is the same as your citizenship country, not the location of the embassy that issued your passport.

Issue date – The date your passport was issued will be required to complete the eTA status check.

Expiry date – Lastly, the expiry date of your passport will also eb required as part of the status check.

What are the different results from the eTA status check?

System will return a status based on the answer provided on the status check form. The following status’ are the different types the system will return to applicants:

Application for eTA Approved: This means your Canada eTA application has been approved. Your date of expiry will be five years from the date of approval or the date of passport expiry, whichever occurs first. With this approval, you will be able to board a plane to Canada. This does not mean you be automatically admitted into the country. The discretion of your admission to Canada is up to Canadian borders guards.

eTA Application Received: This indicates that the eTA application is currently in processing, yet IRCC has not completed their processing.

eTA Application Not Found: This means the information you provided does not match any application in the eTA system. If you have submitted an application, you may receive this result if you provided incorrect information on the status check form or on your eTA application.

eTA Application Refused: If your eTA application is denied, you will receive an email regarding the refusal as well as see the status of the refusal displayed online after checking your status. You can reapply for an eTA if you made a mistake on your application or are able to demonstrate a change in your circumstances if you were denied an eTA due to a criminal record.

eTA Withdrawn: A withdrawn application indicates an applicant contacted IRCC to withdraw their eTA application. In doing so, the eTA status will be reflected as ‘withdrawn’. Applicants can reapply for an eTA again after their application has been withdrawn. Applications that are withdrawn are not refundable.

eTA Cancelled: If you do not respond in time to an email from IRCC to provide additional information about your eTA application, your application will be cancelled after the deadline and you will need to reapply for an eTA. Also, if it has been deemed by IRCC that you have provided false information on your eTA application, then your application may be cancelled. You may or may not receive notification of an eTA cancellation by IRCC. Applications that are cancelled are not refundable.

Can I still travel to Canada without an approved eTA?

No, applicants should not travel to Canada without an approved eTA. An applicant with an eTA status of anything other than approved, will not be able to board a plane to Canada using an eTA. Travellers wishing to enter Canada by applying for an eTA should do so several weeks before their flight departs. Applicants are advised to learn more about applying for an eTA before starting their application.