How can I update my Canada eTA?

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Update Canada eTA

If you have applied for or already have an approved eTA, does the Canadian government also want to know if any of those particulars change? In the case of pending applications, the answer is a definite yes. They have to be informed if you applied for one and you’re waiting for the outcome.

If you already have an approved eTA, the situation is somewhat different. Continue reading to find out when and how to update your details on the eTA system.

How will I know whether my eTA application was successful or not?

You will be notified by email the moment your eTA application is approved or rejected. You can also visit the eTA status check page any time you want to verify the status of your application.

What details should I keep up to date on my eTA while I am waiting for it to be approved?

The moment you’ve submitted an eTA application, you will be able to update your email address if it changes. As a matter of fact, if your email address changes at any time after submitting an eTA application but before you’ve received the outcome, you have to update the address on the system.

The reason for this is simple: Since the Canadian government uses that email address to inform you about your acceptance status, it should at all times be kept up to date – otherwise they will not be able to reach you at that address, and you might not know whether you eTA application was accepted or rejected.

You should not try to enter Canada unless you are in possession of an email that confirms that your eTA application was successful.

What kind of information will I not be able to update on the eTA system?

Applicants can not update their biometric or passport information on the ETA system. This is because your Canadian eTA is directly linked to the identity and passport information you entered on the application form. If you (for example) change your name or get a new passport, you have no other choice than to apply from scratch for a new Canadian eTA.

The same rule also applies to any mistakes you might make on the application form. If you e.g. make an error when entering your passport information, the application will not be successful and you will have to submit a new one.

When is it necessary to submit a new eTA application?

Certain mistakes on the application form or information that changes afterward require you to apply for a totally new eTA. Most often this has something to do with your passport.

As stated earlier, if you intentionally or accidentally enter the wrong passport number, name, address, country, or other information on your eTA application form, you will also have to fill out and submit a completely new application form.

You should always apply for a new eTA every time you are issued with a new passport. This is because the old passport, which was linked to your eTA, will no longer be valid.


Updating your eTA details is normally not a very complicated matter. If you submit an eTA application and your email address or home address changes before your application is approved (or rejected), you can electronically update either or both of them on the eTA system.

And once your eTA has been approved, there is no need to update your home address, contact information, or other details on the eTA system. You do, however, have to submit a new application if you are issued with a new passport. See the previous section.