Marital Status on the Canada eTA Application

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Canada eTA Marital Status

The Canada eTA application form requires applicants to disclose information regarding their marital status. In this section of the form, you have to provide certain personal details about your current relationships. You will need to answer the question in regards to your present circumstances.

What are the different marital status’ on the Canada eTA form?

The following different types of Marital Status are listed on the form:

Never Married/Single

This refers to individuals who have never been in a common-law relationship and who have also never married.


A marriage has to be recognized under both Canadian law and the laws of the country where it was performed.

Legally Separated

The term ‘separated’ means that two individuals are still married, but they no longer live together, and they have no plans to live together again.


You are regarded as divorced only if a court has officially declared that the marriage has ended, and granted a divorce. Only in that case the two individuals are no longer married.

Annulled Marriage

This is when your marriage has been legally declared as invalid. It typically happens when the marriage was never valid to begin with.


You are regarded as widowed when you spouse has passed away, and you have not entered into any common-law relationship or married again.


A common-law partner refers to someone of the same or opposite sex with whom you are not married, but have been living in a marriage-style relationship without any interruptions for a period of at least one year. Once you have been living together with someone for at least a year, the relationship is not ended by any temporary separation.

Why is my marital status necessary for the application form?

Your marital status information is primarily used for the processing of your application. The Canadian Government requests an eTA applicant to provide their marital status for identity verification and security checks.

Is my eTA application more likely to be denied based on my marital status?

No, your selected marital status will have no effect on your eTA application.


This article has summarised the different marital status answers applicants can select when completing their eTA form. Applicants should consider their present relationship circumstances when selecting the most relevant answer.